Backing up emails

Eleven Host limit the size of each mailbox. You can view the size of your mailboxes at the Hosting cPanel Log-in.

Most email applications have the facility to delete mail off the server after downloading to your local device, either immediately or after a period of time. Alternatively you can delete mail from the server from Webmail.

If you need to access old emails you can back them up to your local computer. It is often a good idea to back up valuable data and keep a second copy in a safe place at a separate location.

Back up Outlook:

Outlook Mail:

  • 1. Click work offline.
  • 2. Click file/open/import/export to a file/next.
  • 3. Create file type/outlook data file (.pst)/next.
  • 4. Select your mailbox (your email address)/tick include subfolders/next.
  • 5. Browse/save destination/ok/finish.

Back up Mac Mail:

Apple Mac Mail:

  • 1. Click the (+) button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  • 2. Select new Mailbox.
  • 3. On the menu that appears next to the heading Location chose the option On My Mac.
  • 4. Then enter a name for the mailbox. Example: ‘Archived Email’.
  • 5. Drag e-mails from your inbox into the newly created archive folder.