Choosing the Right Plan

ICommon Email Problems
If you are experiencing email problems we understand how frustrating it can be. We also know hard hard it can be to isolate what exactly is going wrong. Please refer to this list as a starting point.

  • Check your webmail. If you can log into webmail and receive a test email, then the problem is unlikely to be on the server. If you cannot log in to webmail, it is possible the server is down
  • Check you have internet access by using your web browser
  • Check the recipient email address is correct. If possible copy or reply from their email
  • Check the basic email setup settings
  • Check the Outgoing Mail Server is and not the mailserver for your internet supplier
  • Check passwords. If some-one on your domain has tried and failed to log into their email too many times, the account may be frozen for security reasons. Please send a support ticket to reset
  • Check your SSL security settings
  • Check your mailbox size limited has not been exceeded. Log into your Hosting Control Panel to manage email settings.
  • Check your email program has not exceeded the number of local emails in the inbox or outbox
  • Sometimes an outbox message becomes corrupt. Delete it and start again.
  • If a message cannot be deleted from your inbox or is displaying odd behaviours, you may need to log into Webmail to delete it. It may have a virus or be corrupt
  • Check your PC does not have a virus or you have downloaded an email with a virus attached
  • Check your domain name registration has not expired
  • Some recipients have very strict spam filters. You may need to have your domain whitelisted by their server. Eleven Host may be able to assist in this
  • Your IP address may be blocked by another server. Contact Eleven Host to address this

Bounceback Messages
If an email you send does bounceback, then please attach it to a support ticket for us to investigate.

Some Devices Not Working
Many people receive emails on different devices, such as a computer and a smartphone. To keep emails in sync they need to be set up as IMAP accounts. If you have one device with a POP account, any emails sent to this device will stop those emails from going to the other devices. You will need to back up your emails, delete the POP account and reinstall it as an IMAP account.