Support Tickets

If you need to open a new support ticket, please click Get Support in the main menu.

Support tickets are your primary communication with Eleven Host when managing your hosting and other services. Common support ticket topics include:

  • Managing email accounts
  • Trouble-shooting hosting problems
  • Website enquiries
  • Blocked IP Address

Starting a Ticket

Complete the form with as much detail as possible. You can upload screenshots or other images that help explain your issue.

After submitting your ticket you will receive an email. Please reply to that email with all future correspondence on this issue.

Eleven Host tech staff will attend to your query as soon as possible.

Blocked IP Address

A common issue is a blocked IP Address. This happens when one of your devices tries to log into your email or cPanel incorrectly too many times. Your website and email will no longer be available from that IP Address. Fortunately other people can see your website if they are using another IP Address.

Please type into Google "What's my IP" and copy the numbers supplied to your Support Ticket. We will need then to unblock your IP.

If you need urgent access please try using mobile data or another internet source.

When your IP address is clear, please try to identify the cause and change the settings otherwise it will be blocked again.

Important Note

Eleven Host Support Tickets are only for hosting related issues. We do not assist with your internal networking or email configurations. Please refer these to your local tech support staff or the manufacturer of the software or OS. The Eleven Host Help page does have instructions for setting up your email on a number of common devices.

If Eleven Host developed your website you may lodge a website support ticket. Otherwise you will need to approach your designer or developer for assistance.

Eleven Host does not supply you internet access. Please contact your internet service provider if your internet service is slow or not working.