How to Choose Great Keywords

Keywords are words or short phrases that help search engines connect you with searchers. There is a lot to consider with keywords, as they are one of the core building blocks of your awareness activity. A good way to think about them is, "What would my customers write when looking for my product or service?" The closer the match the better the ranking. A good mix of generic industry phrases and some specific to your business is ideal.


The sweet spot

If your words are too generic then they will be very competitive and you won't rank well. Too specific to you and not enough people will use them. The sweet spot is words that will be used by a reasonable number of highly qualified searchers.

Align with your brand

Your keywords represent your brand. Is your focus quality, speed or price? Make sure your values are represented.

Test and compare

Once you have chosen your phrases, test them out. There are a number of paid and free tools to assess your keywords. Google Trends compares keyword phrases and Keyword Discovery offers a free and paid version. The value of words changes over time, so do this regularly. Also note, plurals and tenses make a difference, so check each option.

Pay-per-Click Advertising

The most efficient way to measure keyword results is to run a PPC campaign like Adwords. As you are paying for each click you get a ringside seat as to what customers like and what they ignore. You can also use the Adwords Keyword Planner without running a campaign, but that is only an estimation.

How many keywords do I need?

We suggest choosing 16 keywords to start with. This will give a nice variety but remain manageable. Over time you can drop the poor performers and bring in better options.

What do I do with keywords?

Your keywords should be well represented in your content. But don't repeat them too much or Google will not reward you. CMS systems like WordPress also have areas to list Keywords and Meta Tags. When writing blogs or other published articles, make sure to use relevant keywords. However, try to avoid a writing stile that ends up as a page of keyword phrases loosely connected by random words. Only interesting articles get shared.

SItes that Get Seen Disclaimer

The ideas or suggestions presented in this article are for general information only. We do not know the specific details of your website and any SEM activity you have engaged. Therefore Eleven Host cannot take any responsibility for any outcomes, including those to your site or your Google rankings. For more customised advice on SEO or Adwords please contact us.