Responsive Mobile-friendly Web Design

Having a website that's responsive, or "mobile-friendly" is the next big thing that is changing the landscape of websites. Essentially a responsive design looks good on any platform, from desktop and laptop screens, down through tablets and even smartphones. This is important, as mobile devices now account for up to 60% of online traffic.

Unlike a traditional website that just scales up and down to fit on the screen, a responsive site actually shuffles your content around to best suit the display. So a bigger screen may show text next to a picture, while the same page on a phone may show the text under the picture. This means that text is always at a size that is easy to read and your site can be navigated with a thumb. At Eleven Host, our philosophy is that your website is a tool to communicate information that will drive viewers toward a sale. Navigation and content discovery benefit greatly from a responsive solution. That being said, there is still plenty of room to drive your brand values through a good mobile-friendly design.

Google Requirement Since 2015 Google has put a lot of emphasis on rewarding sites that are "mobile friendly." If a site is not responsive, it will be pushed down the rankings. The reason is, Google wants its customers to have a good browsing experience. If they send you to a site that is built for a 20" screen and you are on a smart phone, then you are going to be disappointed. You can check how Google judges your site on their Mobile Friendly Test.

Solution Unfortunately there is no easy fix to a non-responsive site. Take it as an opportunity to build a new site that is not only responsive but also easier to navigate and better at SEO. Contact Eleven Host or a designer to discuss a good web solution for your business.

SItes that Get Seen Disclaimer The ideas or suggestions presented in this article are for general information only. We do not know the specific details of your website and any SEM activity you have engaged. Therefore Eleven Host cannot take any responsibility for any outcomes, including those to your site or your Google rankings. For more customised advice on SEO or Adwords please contact us